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We are working hard to make your Galveston deep sea fishing or Galveston offshore fishing trip the most memorable experience it can be. Part of this is Galveston fishing trip videos on your Galveston Sea Venture and underwater video coming soon! For the most up to date videos and Galveston fishing trip action, check out the FishAddictionTX channel on YouTube

Catching a red drum on a Galveston Fishing trip with Galveston Sea Ventures. Great underwater fishing video, fish pictures, and more at

A feeding frenzy of sharks and Bonita feeding behind a Galveston shrimp boat while deep sea fishing in Galveston, Texas. See more from Galveston Sea Ventures at

Tuna fishing from Venice Louisiana, for more info visit:

A collection of underwater video from our Galveston Deep Sea fishing trips. Featuring catches of Wahoo, Amberjack, Kingfish, and Cobia, as well as a couple clips of schooling Bermuda Chubs. Check out Galveston Sea Ventures at for more info.

A change of pace collection of our non fishing action from Galveston Fishing trips, deep sea fishing, and offshore fishing. We love catching fish on our trips, but we also like to have fun away from fishing as well.